CHAPTER 104 on Vocabulary


Meaning- mental depression or apathy caused by comparison of the actual state of the world with an ideal state

Mnemonic trick- welt sounds like world and schmerz sounds like submerge. World is submerging in pain because of the problems like conflict in middle-east, refugee problem in Europe, eurozone crisis. Therefore, weltschmerz means mental depression or sadness caused by the problems that world is facing.


  • Adolescents are often rather pessimistic about the future of humanity. This weltschmerz is a natural result of their maturing minds and bodies.
  • Pessimistic people often experience weltschmerz, because of the growing problems in our society.
  • Weltschmerz, it is the depression you feel when the world does not line up as you think it should be. Maturity teaches us to live in weltschmerz ocean. Do you live in weltschmerz?



Meaning- 1) Characterized by whim or caprice.

2) Subject to erratic behavior and often amusing.

Mnemonic trick- The word whimsical comes from word ‘whim’. ‘whim’ means a sudden wish, desire, decision etc. Therefore, whimsical means a person characterized by a sudden wish, decision, desire etc.



  • He has a wonderful whimsical sense of humor.
  • In this play, Protagonist is a playful, whimsical man who takes a notion to dress up as a woman so that he can look after his children, who are in the custody of his ex-wife.
  • Last night, our coach got a little whimsical and changed up the infield a bit.
  • Victims of the whimsical monsoons and fickle market prices, these poor farmers have little control over their destiny.



Meaning- Charming and pleasant because of a naïve, innocent quality.

Explanation- The word winsome contains word ‘win’ and ‘some’. ‘some’ sounds similar to handsome. Especially handsome and naïve people becomes charm and pleasant after their win. Therefore, winsome means charming and pleasant because of a naïve, innocent quality.



  • The pale blue dress that Lorna’ s friend wore was appropriate for her winsome personality.
  • I had a winsome smile.
  • The students joined in a winsome pose for the photographer at their summer picnic.
  • By her winsome manner, she made herself liked by everyone who met her.


YEARN (Verb)

Meaning- to feel a strong desire for something or to have an intense feeling of lacking something

Mnemonic trick- we should yearn to learn from the mistakes of our people.


  • When we are away from home, we yearn for our mother’ s love.
  • Jenifer always yearns for a lifestyle as rich and lavish as the Bollywood stars.
  • After two decades of imprisonment, the prisoners yearned for their freedom.
  • After Ben quit smoking, he would still yearn for a cigarette in his free time.
  • Have you ever yearned for something?                                          

ZEAL (Noun)

Meaning- enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance.

Mnemonic Trick- The word zeal contains word ‘zee’. Suppose a person watches Zee Cinema and Zee TV a lot. Hence, he has enthusiastic devotion to movies and serials. Therefore, zeal means enthusiastic devotion to a cause, ideal or goal and tireless diligence in its furtherance.



  • With great zeal, Imran ate his first meal after a long fast.
  • Geeta was a politician known for her zeal and passion for reform.
  • The local school principal enforced regulations with excessive zeal.
  • The novel captures the revolutionary zeal of the period.


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