CHAPTER 15 on Word Groups


Meaning: Well known or famous especially for something bad.

Use: Tim’s supervisor has notorious outbursts when members of his staff don’t complete the right results that they have been assigned to produce.


Meaning: Very bad

Use: Henry made a flagrant error in his presentation to the voters.


Meaning: Very bad or easily noticed

Use: Ron made an egregious error in his financial report and so he was recognized as an egregious liar.



Meaning: Made or done without special preparation

Use: After receiving so much applause after completing the recital, the pianist gave an extemporaneous encore.


Meaning: Made or done without preparation

Use: When two of Sandra’s former classmates dropped by unexpectedly, her sister had a little impromptu party.


Meaning: Spoken or performed without preparation

Use: The conductor of the jazz band had improvised some special musical renditions which the audience found very melodious and pleasant to hear.

AD-LIB (Verb)

Meaning: Speaking or performing without preparation

AD-LIB (Adj.)

Meaning: Spoken or performed without preparation



Meaning: Quality of being completely honest

Use: Everyone took his probity for granted; his defalcations, therefore, shocked us all.


Meaning: Fairness or justice in the way people are treated

Use: Our courts guarantee equity to all.


Meaning: Quality of being honest and fair

Use Those who doubted, and they were few, spoke of a man of integrity with a strong commitment to republicanism.



Meaning: Harsh and angry criticism

Use: The supervisor used vituperations to let Marsha know that she had really made some serious blunders in her assignment.


Meaning: Harsh or critical statement about someone

Use: The head of the secret police resigned in obloquy because his department’s secrets had been leaked to the press.


Meaning: Strong disapproval or criticism

Use: The city council is going ahead with its plan to raise taxes despite the people’s opprobrium that condemns such action.


Meaning: Criticism

Use: They are going ahead with the plan despite public opprobrium.



Meaning: A difficult or unpleasant situation

Use: Sparky, the lively kitten, was always getting herself into predicaments; such as, climbing a tree and not being able to get down.


Meaning: A situation in which you have to make a difficult choice

Use: Because of the bad weather, Lester and his family were in a dilemma as to when they should plan to go on their vacation.


Meaning: A situation in which you are confused about what to do

Use: Mark was in a quandary as to which Presidential candidate he should vote for.


Meaning: 1) An area of soft, wet ground.

2) A situation that is full of problems.

Use: The had trouble driving his tractor because it was stuck in the quagmire after the heavy rains.


Explanation: Gustatory (Adj.) deviates slightly. It means relating to taste or sense of taste.


Meaning: A person who appreciates fine food and drink

Use: Being an epicure is not only being a connoisseur of good edible products, but also a person who has the money to pay for such exquisite meals!


Meaning: A person who knows a lot about something (such as art, wine, food etc.)

Use: Mark and Madeline were connoisseurs of fine wines.


Meaning: A person who enjoys and knows a lot about good food and wine.

Use: After years of study, Cleo became a gourmet and frequently entertained her friends.


Meaning: A lover of good food especially one with interest in gastronomy (art of cooking)

Use: A gastronomist and food historian who is very knowledgeable about Spanish cuisine.


Meaning: A person who likes going to parties and who enjoys good food, wine etc.

Use: Mr. and Mrs. Smithson, known as bon vivants by their neighbors, went on a cruise every year, had a first class veranda, or balcony, with deck chairs, and fantastic meals served in a gorgeous dining room.


Meaning: Relating to taste or the sense of taste

Use: Madison and his family were enjoying their gustatory meal as they celebrated his birthday.

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