CHAPTER 16 on Word Groups


Meaning: Name or title

Use: The city fully justifies its appellation “the Pearl of the Orient.”


Meaning: Nickname

Use: Tagged her with the sobriquet “peanut” because of her diminutive size.




Meaning: Energetic or enthusiastic for a cause or pain

Use: Zealots on both sides of the issue resorted to name-calling and scare tactics.


Meaning: Having or showing very strong feelings.

Use: I am an ardent science-fiction fan who has read virtually all of his favorite author’ s many works.


Meaning: Showing great warmth or intensity of feeling

Use: Her lawyer made an impassioned argument in her defense.


Meaning: 1) A person who holds extreme political or religious opinions.

2) Enthusiastic

Use: Because of her fanatical views, her friends know better than to discuss religion with her.



Explanation: Skittish (Adj.) means nervous while doing something. It has second meaning also. Skittish (Noun) means capricious or changing often and quickly.

TIMID (Adj.)

Meaning: Feeling or showing a lack of courage or confidence

Use: She is very timid and shy when meeting strangers.


Meaning: Feeling or showing a lack of courage or confidence

Use: Her timorous personality was not evident in the fascinating mystery books which she wrote under a pseudonym.


Meaning: 1) Shaking slightly especially because of weakness or nervousness

2) Feeling or showing a lack of confidence or courage

Use: Just remember as you hear the tremulous reporter, voice quaking in empathy, why the farmer is crying.


Meaning: 1) Nervous or fearful about doing something

2) Tending to change often

Use: Some skittish children are afraid to meet strangers.




Meaning: To carefully use or manage (something, such as a resource)

Use: They have also argued that they are husbanding their energies and resources for the next general election.


Meaning: To carefully use something

Use: With so little rain, everyone had to conserve water so there would be enough for the essentials of life.”


Meaning: 1) An attendant on a ship or aircraft.

2) A person employed to manage an estate

Use: We should teach our children to be good stewards of the land.


Meaning: To manage or to act as a steward

Use: He will steward the city’ s library programs.



ADEPT (Noun)

Meaning: A highly skilled or well-trained person

Use: Milly is adept at organizational work while her husband is adept in needlecraft.


Meaning: Very clever or skillful

Use: Steve is an adroit mechanic when it comes to taking care of problems with motor vehicles.

DEFT (Adj.)

Meaning: Skillful and clever

Use: Monroe was a deft writer as expressed by his witty descriptions and comments in the newspaper articles.


Meaning: Having or showing great skill or cleverness

Use: Mildred’s dexterous fingers moved effortlessly over the piano keys as she was performing.

AGILE (Adj.)

Meaning: 1) Able to move, quickly and easily

2) Smart and clever

Use: “Even though Ingrid was a centenarian, she still had an agile mind.”


Meaning: 1) Able to move quickly and easily

2) Able to learn and understand things quickly and easily

Use: The magician does special exercises to keep his fingers nimble and body agile.


Meaning: Very smart or clever

Use: Henry showed how nimble he was during the football game when he was able to avoid all of the tacklers and make a touchdown.



Explanation: Legerdemain (or Prestidigitation) (Noun) deviates slightly. Legerdemain (or Prestidigitation) (Noun) means skill in using hand to perform magic.


Meaning: Skill or cleverness


Meaning: skill or cleverness

Use: “As a sculptor, Wayne’s adroitness was manifested by the beauty and creativity of the shapes of his figures.”


Meaning: skill or cleverness

Use: The deftness of the surgeon saved Brenda’s life.


Meaning: 1) Ability to use your hands skillfully

2) Ability to think and act quickly and cleverly

Use: A surgeon must have dexterity in order to handle medical instruments properly.


Meaning: 1) Ability to move quickly and easily

2) Smartness and cleverness

Use: The agility of the famed hurdler was also an inspiration for younger runners.


Meaning: 1) Ability to move quickly and easily

2) Ability to learn and understand things quickly and easily

Use: Karin was talented with imagination and a nimbleness of wit.


Meaning: Skill or cleverness

Use: She showed amazing ingenuity in finding ways to cut costs.


Meaning: Skill in using hands to perform magic or using tricks

Use: Sharon performed a dazzling show of political legerdemain to be elected as a senator of her state.


Meaning: Skill in using hands to perform magic or using tricks

Use: Houdini’ s powers of prestidigitation remain legendary to this very day.


Attempt Sentence Equivalence Test 6

Based on words covered in Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16.

Number of questions: 15

Time limit: 20 min.



1….. 15 16 17 …………………………………………………………44


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