CHAPTER 18 on Word Groups


Meaning: Causing or deserving strong dislike or hatred

Use: The abhorrent violence at the start of the film was so disgusting and loathsome that the couple got up and walked out.


Meaning: Very bad or unpleasant or deserving to be hatred

Use: Murder is considered to be one of the most abominable crimes committed by anyone.


Meaning: Very bad or unpleasant

Use: The soldier was considered by those who knew him to be a despicable traitor.


Meaning: Causing or deserving strong dislike

Use: He is a detestable villain.


Meaning: Very bad and easily noticed

Use: The contractor committed an egregious error in the construction of Marian’s house because when it rained, water leaked through the roof into the attic.


Meaning: Very bad

Use: Henrietta’s execrable behavior during the party was disgusting; probably, as a result of drinking too much wine.


Meaning: Very bad and unpleasant

Use: The horrendous economic conditions around the world are causing all kinds of demonstrations against governments and businesses.


Meaning: Causing feeling of hatred or disgust

Use: We traced the foul smell to a pile of loathsome garbage by the back wall.


Meaning: Unpleasant in a way that makes people feel offended, annoyed or disgusted

Use: Mary’s obnoxious behavior in the English class could be tolerated no longer; so, she was sent to the principal’s office.


Meaning: Causing hatred or strong dislike

Use: It was one of the most odious crimes in recent history.



Explanation: Conflagration (Noun) and Inferno (Noun) deviates slightly. Conflagration (or Inferno) (Noun) means large fire.


Meaning: An event or situation in which many people are killed

Use: The eruption of the volcano caused a holocaust of the villages below its slopes.


Meaning: The violent killing of a large number of people

Use: I don’ t have moral dilemma ‘ s when it comes to slaughtering animals for food, just so long as it is done humanely.


Meaning: The killing of many people

Use: For this day of carnage and tears there can be no justification or excuse.


Meaning: The violent and cruel killing of many people

Use: The butchery of civilians during the war.


Meaning: The violent killing of many people

Use: Andrew massacred the German language as he tried to explain what happened.


Meaning: A large destructive fire

Use: After the conflagration of the brush fires, the Smiths found that their cabin in the mountains had been completely destroyed and burned to the ground.


Meaning: A very large and dangerous fire

Use: By the time help arrived, the fire had grown to a raging inferno.




Meaning: Done in a quiet and secret way to avoid being noticed

Use: Danny was sneaking furtive glances at his watch during the business conference to see how much longer he would have to sit there before he could go home.


Meaning: Quiet and secret in order to avoid being noticed

Use: The stealthy approach of the cat towards the bird on the window sill was sure to surprise the bird.


Meaning: Done in a secret way

Use: Jacob made a surreptitious or a covert glance at a young woman.


Meaning: Done secretly

Use: The spy carried clandestine messages in the rim of his hat and no one suspected what he was doing.


Meaning: 1) Acting or done secretly and dishonestly

2) Made with the hand brought forward and upward from below the shoulder

Use: 1) He has a surprisingly good motion, more sidearm than underhand.

2) He thrived with a peculiar underhand delivery, behind which there is another story, perhaps true.


Meaning: Done in a secret and dishonest manner

Use: It’ s a sneaky way of getting people to buy something they don’ t need.


Meaning: Secret or hidden

Use: The covert operation by the army unit was a success; however, only a few people would ever know its significance.




Meaning: 1) Able to be seen through

2) Easy to notice or understand

Use: The new window in the sunroom was transparent and let all the sunshine in.

OVERT (Adj.)

Meaning: Easily seen

Use: Virgil had an overt dislike for his new supervisor.

BALD (Adj.)

Meaning: 1) Having no hair on the head or not covered with trees

2) Undisguised or palpable

Use: That is a bald falsehood!


Meaning: Obvious and noticeable

Use: There is a palpable difference in the ages of the two brothers, one who is 10 years old and the other one who is 16.




Meaning: To steal money that you have been

Use: The banker was convicted of embezzling over $100,000 from his bank.


Meaning: To steal money that you have been

Use: The president of the country was peculating several million dollars from the country’s treasury so he could have a very fancy house to live in and even have his own private zoo.


Meaning: To steal money that you have been

Use: The newspaper in Karan’s town revealed how the mayor was defalcating expenses from the city’s resources to build himself a luxurious home.


Meaning: Misbehavior and especially corruption in an office, trust or commission



Explanation: Paradise (Noun) means a very beautiful or pleasant place. It has second meaning also. It means a state of complete happiness.


Meaning: A state of very great happiness

Use: His performance sent the audience into ecstasies.


Meaning: A state or feeling of great happiness, pleasure or love

Use: There were raptures of joy when the residents of the community heard that the floods had receded and would not cause any further damage or harm.


Meaning: A feeling of great happiness and excitement

Use: The relief and euphoria that Sandra felt following her successful operation was noticed by her parents when they came to visit her.


Meaning: A feeling of great happiness and excitement

Use: I felt a kind of exhilaration when I reached the top of the mountain.


Meaning: 1) A very beautiful or pleasant place

2) A state of complete happiness

Use: Their marriage was very happy at first, but now there ‘ s trouble in paradise.

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