CHAPTER 20 on Word Groups


Meaning: Producing money or wealth

Use: He turned his hobby into a lucrative profession.


Meaning: Making money or affording profits

Use: The movie was very profitable.


Meaning: Characterized by success or prosperity

Use: Our new landscaping business is thriving.


Meaning: Paying a lot of money

Use: I find my new work so remunerative that I may not return to my previous employment.



Meaning: No longer used by anyone or replaced by something newer

Use: There are obsolete things which are replaced by something that is newer.


Meaning: No longer useful or acceptable

Use: Leon was perfect to wear outmoded clothes as long as they were clean.


Meaning: Very old and no longer useful or popular

Use: Accustomed to editing his papers on word processors, Philip thought typewriters were too antiquated for him to use.


Meaning: Old and no longer used

Use: There are archaic manners and notions which are no longer acceptable in these modern times.



Meaning: Very old or old-fashioned

Use: Alfred appeared very frustrated, saying that his parents had antediluvian ideas regarding their behavior expectations for him.


Meaning: Having an old-fashioned or unusual quality that is usually attractive or appealing

Use: During their trip, Mike and Karen enjoyed a village’s quaint customs.


Explanation: Pilgrimage (Noun) deviates slightly. Pilgrimage (Noun) means a journey to a holy place. Peregrination (or Perambulation) (Noun) deviates slightly. Peregrination (or Perambulation) deviates slightly.


Meaning: A long journey full of adventures

Use: The refugee’ s journey from Cambodia was a terrifying odyssey.


Meaning: A long journey by sea or in space

Use: The Titanic sank on her maiden voyage.


Meaning: A journey to a holy place

Use: Thousands of fans make a pilgrimage to Elvis Presley’s last home every year.


Meaning: A long journey especially on foot

Use: A couple of backpacking college students who decided to spend the summer peregrinating around Ireland.


Meaning: A long journey especially on foot

Use:  Long summer evening spent perambulating up and down the tree-lined streets of the quaint village.


Explanation: Officious (Adj.) deviates slightly. Officious (Adj.) means getting involved where help is neither asked for nor desired.


Meaning: To become involved with something in an annoying way

Use: Jane’s friend intruded his opinion about how she should lose weight.


Meaning: To become involved with something or to become noticeable in an annoying way

Use: Henry was always trying to obtrude his political opinions upon others.


Meaning: Interfere in something that is not your business

Use: Consuelo had a tendency to meddle in her sister’s family affairs and caused many arguments.

PRY (Verb)

Meaning: Enquire too intrusively into a person’ s private affairs

Use: I am sick of you prying into my personal life.


Meaning: Getting involved where help is neither asked for nor desired

Use:  “Lenora had a very officious manner, always trying to intrude herself into other people’s projects in the office.”

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