CHAPTER 22 on Word Groups

Explanation: Gibberish (Noun), Blather (Noun), Drivel (Noun), Jabber (Noun), Prattle (Noun) and Twaddle (Noun) means foolish talk. Blather (Verb), Drivel (Verb), Jabber (Verb), Prattle (Verb), Twaddle (Verb) and Babble (Verb) means to talk foolishly.


Meaning: Foolish talk

Use: Did you hear that foolish boy spouting gibberish about monsters from outer space?


Meaning: Foolish talk

Use: Joe’s blathers lacked coherent meanings and was considered ridiculous as he was talking to those around him.


Meaning: To talk foolishly

Use: He will blather on about sports all night if you let him.


Meaning: Foolish talk

Use: Tamika decided to quit wasting her time reading the drivel in her local newspaper; so, she canceled her subscription.


Meaning: To talk foolishly

Use: Janet was constantly driveling on about her trip to Paris during the summer which absolutely bored her classmates.


Meaning: Foolish talk

Use:  Mona’s endless jabber on her cell phone was infuriating the people sitting near her on the bus.


Meaning: To talk foolishly

Use: Roger was jabbering on and on about nothing in particular and bored everyone during the dinner.


Meaning: Foolish talk

Use: Parents often claim to understand the prattle of their infant offspring.


Meaning: To talk foolishly

Use: The group in the corner of the auditorium continued to prattle even after they were asked to stop.


Meaning: Foolish talk

Use: He burst into hysterical tears of confusion, speaking a line of nonsensical twaddles.


Meaning: To talk foolishly

Use: Pay no attention to her. She is just twaddling.


Meaning: To talk foolishly

Use: Karl’s baby was babbling happily in his arms.



Explanation: Meander (Verb) means to follow a winding course. Labyrinth (Noun) deviates slightly. Labyrinth (Noun) means a complicated network of passages.


Meaning: Not straight, short and direct

Use: The speaker spoke in a circuitous manner which ended in multitudinous arguments.


Meaning: 1) Having many twists and turns

2) Moving and bending in a smooth and attractive way

Use: The dancer on TV had many sinuous movements during her performance.


Meaning: Having many twists and turns

Use: We drove on a tortuous road through the mountains.


Meaning: Having many bends and turns

Use: The tourists were following the serpentine route of the river.


Meaning: A circuitous route


Meaning: Not direct, not simple and confusing

Use: He took a roundabout route to town.


Meaning: A winding path or course

Use: The multitudes of meanders in the river make it difficult for Betty and Bob to sail their boat.


Meaning: 1) Follow a winding course

2) Wander aimlessly

Use: It takes a long time for the local river to meander to the sea.


Meaning: 1) Having many twists and turns

2) Very complicated and difficult to understand

Use: “She wrote so many convoluted sentences that I could not understand what she was trying to say.”


Meaning: Complicated network of passages

Use: They tried to figure out a labyrinth of tax regulations.”


Explanation: Aghast (Adj.) deviates slightly. It means shocked and upset.


Meaning: Very shocking or horrible

Use: When the car windows were opened, the passengers wanted to know what the ghastly smell coming from outside was.


Meaning: Causing horror or fear

Use: The grisly scene of the mine explosion was carefully documented by the photographer.


Meaning: Involving death or violence in a way that is shocking or producing horror

Use: The macabre story shown on TV about headless ghosts frightened Irene’s children very much.


Meaning: Causing horror or disgust

Use: A most gruesome murder.


Meaning: Very shocking or bad

Use: Mr. Jones, the radio reporter, presented some horrid reports about citizens being shot by the military during their peaceful demonstrations.


Meaning: Shocked and upset

Use: Sabina was aghast at the thought of having to walk across the narrow bridge spanning the deep chasm.




Explanation: Incense (Noun) means a substance used in religious ceremonies to produce a strong smell. Incense (Verb) means to perfume with incense. It has second meaning also. Incense (Verb) means to make someone very angry. Nettle means to make someone angry or to irritate someone. Nettle means a tall plant that has leaves with hairs that sting you if you touch them. We also covered word Nettle (Verb and Noun) in series To irritate.


Meaning: Make very angry

Use: His thoughtless behavior enraged us.


Meaning: A substance used in religious ceremonies to produce a strong smell

Use: In religious temples around the world, there are priests who often burn incense as part of their religious services.


Meaning: 1) To make someone angry

2) To perfume with incense

Use: The teacher, Mr. Smith, was incensed by the unruly behavior of one of his pupils.


Meaning: To make (someone) very angry

Use: Shirley was infuriated by her husband’s arrogance.


Meaning: To make someone angry or to irritate someone

Use: The mayor’ s recent actions have nettled some members of the community.


Meaning: A tall plant that has leaves with hairs that sting you if you touch them.


IRATE (Adj.)

Meaning: Very angry

Use: “The irate protesters were turning cars over and breaking the windows of the stores on the street.”

LIVID (Adj.)

Meaning: Very angry

Use: Kendrick’s arm had a livid bruise where he fell against the tree.


Meaning: Very angry

Use: In a wrathful voice she demanded to know what had happened.


WRATH (Noun)

Meaning: Extreme Anger

Use: She turned to him, full of wrath, and said, “What makes you think I will accept lower pay for this job than you get?”

IRE (Noun)

Meaning: Intense anger

Use: He focused his ire on his coworkers who reported the mistake to higher officials.

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