CHAPTER 4 on Word Groups

Explanation: Lionize (Verb) deviates slightly. Lionize means to treat someone as a very important person.


Meaning: To respect (someone or something) that is considered great, holy etc.

Use: In Tibet today, the common people still venerate their traditional spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.


Meaning: To have deep respect for (someone or something)

Use: The family reveres old traditions.

EXALT (Verb)

Meaning: 1) Praise highly

2) To raise (someone or something) to a higher level

Use: Bureaucrat’ s polite behavior and down to earth attitude has exalted the power and prestige of his office.


Meaning: 1) To deeply respect

2) To make something holy

Use: A writer hallowed by generations of admirers.


Meaning: To someone as very important and famous person

Use: She enjoyed being lionized and adored by the public.



Meaning: Respect

Use: This movie is an homage to valorous king Alexander.



Meaning: A way of behaving that shows respect for someone or something

Use: As an officer, I was always taught to show deference to old people who were as old as my parents.



Meaning: Talking or behaving in a very direct and unfriendly way

Use: She was offended by his brusque reply.

CURT (Adj.)

Meaning: Said or done in a quick and impolite way

Use: Our arrogant and rude teacher always gives a curt reply to the students.

TERSE (Adj.)

Meaning: Brief and direct in a way that may seem rude or unfriendly

Use: The board also issued a terse statement which was a big slap in the face for their second-largest individual shareholder.



Meaning: 1) Very bold

2) Very confident and daring

Use: Demonetisation was the most audacious decision taken by Indian Prime minister.


Meaning: 1) Failing to show proper respect

2) Very rude

Use: I was punished by my teacher for impudent behavior.


Meaning: Rude or impolite

Use: Insolent behavior will not be tolerated.


Meaning: Rude and showing a lack of respect

Use: Audacious reporters asked impertinent questions from the newly appointed bureaucrat who was accused of embezzling funds.


Meaning: Too confident especially in a way that is rude

Use: My presumptuous teacher did not bother to clear my doubts before exam.



Explanation: Murky (Adj.) means very dark or foggy. It also means not clearly expressed or understood. Occult (Adj.) means mysterious or related to supernatural power. Occult (Noun) means matter regarding supernatural power. Convoluted (Adj.) means containing many twists and turns.


Meaning: A confusing or difficult problem

Use: Kashmir conundrum is a reason of animosity between India and Pakistan.


Meaning: Someone or something that is difficult to understand or explain

Use: The enigma of Bermuda triangle cannot be understood.


Meaning: Difficult to understand

Use:  His cryptic remarks could not be interpreted.


Meaning: 1) Impossible to read or understand.

2) Not decipherable

Use:  His handwriting is almost indecipherable.


Meaning: Difficult to understand

Use: An inscrutable and incomparably powerful force permeates the Universe and binds it together.

MURKY (Adj.)

Meaning: 1) Very dark or foggy

2) Not clearly expressed or understood

Use: It’ s pretty murky smog outside, so be careful driving home.


Meaning: Secret or mysterious

Use: Rules on error correction seems arcane to students who were never taught grammar in school.


Meaning: Supernatural beliefs, practices or events


Meaning: 1) Of or related to supernatural powers or practices

2) Not easily understood

Use: He began to believe he had occult powers.


Meaning: 1) Having many twists and turns.

2) Very complicated and difficult to understand

Use: Instead of giving a lucid lecture, our professor gave a convoluted lecture that left us even more confused than we were before.

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