CHAPTER 43 on Word Groups

FELON (Noun)

Meaning: A criminal who has committed a serious crime

Use: The convicted felon was imprisoned for 10 years before his case was reviewed.


Meaning: A person who does something that is illegal or morally wrong

Use:miscreant robbed an elderly lady after she got off the bus and was walking to her apartment.


Meaning: Behaving criminally

Use: She had never seen so many assassins and miscreants gathered together under the same banner in order to annihilate someone.

ROGUE (Noun)

Meaning: A person who is dishonest or immoral

Use: Trudy’s father was a lovable old rogue and sometimes even a lying old rogue.

ROGUE (Adj.)

Meaning: Corrupt or dishonest

Use: People were complaining about how the rogue police were committing criminal acts.


Meaning: A person who is cruel or dishonest

Use: Some scoundrel stole my wallet.



Explanation: Prone (Adj.) has second meaning also. It means lying with the front of your body facing downward.


Meaning: Exposed to being attacked or harmed

Use: Jackie was quite vulnerable and broke out in tears when friends would mention her late husband who died just a few weeks before.

PRONE (Adj.)

Meaning: 1) Likely to suffer from

2) Lying with the front of your body facing downward.

Use: She was prone to sudden fits of anger during which she would lie prone on the floor, screaming and kicking her heels.


Meaning: 1) Quick to detect or be affected by slight changes.

2) Easily offended or upset.

Use: Bats are sensitive to sounds that humans can’t hear.


Meaning: Easily affected, influenced or harmed by something.

Use: Some teenagers are sometimes very susceptible to new ways of thinking or of behaving in ways that are unacceptable.



Explanation: Slack (Adj.) means not stretched or held in tight position. Slack (Adj.) also means careless. Slack (Verb) means to be careless. Slack (Verb) also means to lessen in amount. Derelict (Adj.) means careless or failing to do what should be done. It has second meaning also. It means something abandoned or something no longer cared. Dereliction (Noun) means an act of abandoning something. It has second meaning also. Dereliction (Noun) means the state of being careless or failure to do your duty or job.

LAX (Adj.)

Meaning: Not careful enough

Use: Both parents were lax with their supervision of the children and, as a result, the children often got into mischief.


Meaning: Failing to take proper care of something or someone

Use: Her mother was a negligent housekeeper


Meaning: Not showing enough care and attention

Use: He’s terribly remiss in his work.


Meaning: Hurried and careless

Use: This slapdash approach to the recording and construction of an album possibly could be financially related.


Meaning: Very careless

Use: As a master craftsman, the carpenter prided himself on never doing slipshod work.

SLACK (Verb)

Meaning: 1) To be careless

2) To lessen in amount

Use: They need to stop slacking and get down to work.

SLACK (Adj.)

Meaning: 1) not stretched or held in tight position.

2) Careless

Use: He accused the government of slack supervision of nuclear technology.


Meaning: 1) careless or failing to do what should be done.

2) something abandoned or something no longer cared.

Use: The police officer was charged with being derelict in his duty when he failed to arrest a man for mistreating his wife.


Meaning: 1) act of abandoning something.

2) state of being careless or failure to do your duty or job

Use: A human derelict is someone who by reason of his/her actions, etc., has been abandoned by respectable people.



Explanation: Lambent (Adj.) means softly shining.


Meaning: Producing or seeming to produce light

Use: The night sky was the most luminous Jeff had seen during his vacation, simply glittering with starlight.


Meaning: Brilliantly lively or very impressive or interesting

Use Scintillating conversation with a scintillating personality.


Meaning: Shinning

Use: Crystal chandeliers and gilded walls made the opera house a refulgent setting for the concert.


Meaning: Very bright and attractive

Use: The colorful crackers looking resplendent on a moonless night was an impressive work.


Meaning: Brilliant

Use: The exceptional effulgence of the harvest moon is always a striking sight.


Meaning: Shinning softly

Use: Jan and Sam could see lambent sunlight glinting off the waves as they walked along the beach.




Meaning: Friendly and easy to talk to

Use: As a supervisor, Mike Black was always affable with his subordinates in that he was always civil and courteous when he had conversations with them.


Meaning: Friendly and pleasant

Use: If wars are to end, nations must learn amicable means of settling their disputes.


Meaning: Friendly and pleasant

Use: Amiable neighbors help make a house a home.


Meaning: Friendly and cheerful

Use: This restaurant is famous and popular because of a genial proprietor, who tries to make everyone happy.


Meaning: Politely pleasant and friendly

Use: Germany and the United States have maintained cordial relations since World War II.


Meaning: 1) Very Friendly

2) Pleasant and enjoyable

Use: Sharon told Mike that she found it a very congenial and agreeable atmosphere in which to work with him and his staff.


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