CHAPTER 7 on Vocabulary


Meaning-  to give information to (someone).



  • Let me apprise you of the current situation.
  • Police should apprise an arrested person of his or her right to remain silent and to be represented by a lawyer.
  • After quiz competition, Perry’ s friend wanted to apprise his coach of the fact that he won a prize.
  • Mike wanted to be apprised of the cost of the trip to Hawaii.




Meaning- 1) A complicated decorative design made with many lines that curve and cross each other.

2) A ballet position in which the dancer stands on one foot and holds one arm forward while the other arm and leg are held out behind.


  • She held her arms in arabesque.
  • Students practiced their arabesques.


Meaning- Of, relating to, or being in the style of arabesque or an arabesque.


  • The building was ornamented with embroidered pictures or with arabesque patterns.



Meaning- Known or understood by only a few; obscure, secret.


  • The wizard shop was full of arcane, from Latin-to-Ancient Greek dictionaries to entire books on magic spells relating only to elephants.
  • To win in Jeopardy, you must be full of arcane knowledge.
  • The professor was involved with arcane elements of science that are too difficult for most people to comprehend.
  • Helena was known for acquiring arcane messages from extrasensory sources which helped her clients solve some extraordinary problems.
  • Richard’s psychology professor presented some theories that were filled with arcane details about how some people become psychopaths or have mental illnesses that make them behave in violent ways with other human beings.


ARGOT (Noun)

Meaning- 1) A specialized vocabulary or set of idioms used by a particular group.

2) The language of a particular group which is associated with similar activities; for example, the language of street gangs or criminals.



  • Before the fight started, the gangs were bragging out their peculiar argots, or special slang terms, to communicate with their fellow gang members as a kind of code.
  • The teenagers were confusing their teachers by using special argots in their written reports.
  • Sometimes it can be very difficult to understand the various argots of scientists, lawyers, and even medical professionals.





Meaning- 1) A reference to the ability of a person to express ideas clearly or effectively in speech or writing.

2) something clearly expressed and easily understood.

Mnemonic trick- The word articulate contains word ‘arti’. ’arti’ sounds similar to artist. All artists are articulate. They clearly articulate ‘aarti’ for us. Therefore, articulate (adj.) gives reference to the ability of a person to express ideas clearly and articulate (verb) means to express (something, such as an idea) in words.



  • Alex did n’ t abandon Tessy when she needed him most.
  • But that does n’ t mean I have to abandon them.
  • It was mandatory for them to abandon their native language.
  • The smart thing would be to abandon weak allies.
  • When it is obvious that your goals can’ t be reached, don’t abandon your goals. Change your steps.


Meaning- 1) to express (something, such as an idea) in words.

2) to connect with a joint or something that is like a joint.



  • He had some trouble articulating his thoughts.
  • The joints articulate, by uniting or connecting in order to allow movements of the hands, fingers, arms, toes, legs, etc.


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