CHAPTER 70 on Vocabulary


Meaning- something causing a strong feeling of sadness

Mnemonic trick- The word poignant sounds similar to pregnant. Unwanted pregnancy causes a strong feeling of sadness among family. Therefore, poignant means something causing a strong feeling of sadness.



  • The prisoner painted a poignant picture of his sufferings.
  • The speaker painted a poignant picture of hunger in America.
  • Watching the tearful reunion of the long-separated mother and child, the social worker was touched by the poignant scene.
  • Salman khan’ s movie TERE NAAM was a poignant love story that ends in a tragedy.



Meaning- 1) person who knows several languages.

2) made up of people or things from different culture, countries etc.

Mnemonic trick- The word polyglot is made up of ‘poly’ and ‘glot’. Poly means many and glot comes from word gloss. Gloss means a brief explanation. We can remember the meaning of word gloss from word glossary. We know that glossary means a list of definitions. Polygloss means a person who can give definition in several languages. Therefore, polyglot means a person who can speak or who can give definitions in several languages.



  • A polyglot community made up of many cultures.
  • Growing up in a multilingual home, Mike’ s polyglot niece speaks and reads German, French and Spanish.
  • The polyglot staff-memo presented a variety of native tongues that were understood by the employees; including, Italian, English, and Portuguese.



Meaning- A reference to someone who behave in a very formal and serious way because they believe that they are better, smarter and more important than other people.



  • Pompous professor thought that he was much too qualified to teach students who had such a minimal amount of intelligence.
  • Whenever the star sportsman appeared on TV, he had a pompous attitude which upset some viewers.
  • We usually believe that it is difficult to talk about achievements without sounding pompous.



Meaning- solving problems in a practical and sensible way rather than by having fixed ideas or theories.

Mnemonic trick- The word pragmatic contains word pragma. Pragma sounds similar to program. While making programs for holidays we follow practical approach or we never have fixed ideas or theories. Therefore, Pragmatic means solving problems or doing work in a practical and sensible way rather than by having fixed ideas or theories.



  • His pragmatic view of public education comes from years of his work in government schools.
  • In business, the pragmatic approach to problems is often more successful than idealistic ones.
  • Our new government should understand ground reality and should follow pragmatic approach to problems that our country is facing.



Meaning- 1) something depending on will or pleasure of another or something dependent on uncertain process.

2) not safe or dangerous.

Mnemonic trick- The word precarious contains cari. Cari sounds similar to care. Something without care or something risk or full of danger is precarious. Precarious has second meaning also, something depend upon the pleasure of another or something dependent on uncertain process is precarious. Therefore, precarious means not safe, strong or steady.



  • The workers had precarious privileges provided by their company which could be altered or terminated at any time.
  • My cousin made a precarious living by gambling, hoping and believing that he would win the big jackpot at some time!
  • In city like New Delhi, walking on street with gold chain in neck is precarious.
  • Again she had allowed herself to be put in a precarious situation.
  • The slope dropped at a precarious angle, impossible to maneuver unsecured, only a few degrees from the perpendicular.








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