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* 1. Nothing evoked memories of her grandmother’ s house like the _______ of scents associated with the variety of dishes at the holiday feast.
2. Romantic comedies of the 1950s were characterized more by sexual ______ than the straightforward vulgarity that characterizes dialogue in today’ s “rom-coms.”
3. The man looked much older than his 70 years, his _____ frame looking as though it had endured at least 40 years in the desert; although the casting director had initially pictured a more physically robust Moses, the actor was, in the end, perfect for the role.
4. After a long, hard practice in the summer sun, the players were visibly ________.
5. The ambassador was invested with ______ power by his government and hence was able to draft and finalize the agreement unilaterally, without first consulting with even the president.
6. Although they were already late for the formal reception, the couple continued to _______ because they preferred to lounge about and bask in each other’ s company.
7. While it is inarguably prejudiced to imply that there is some kind of innate _________ in certain countries, It’ s more reasonable to say that certain cultures are more willing to prioritize relaxation and a sense of moderation between work and play.
8. Q) The professor’ s belief that all of the students admitted to the university were well-qualified academically led her to assume some degree of _______ in every student who was doing poorly in her class.
9. Inflation isn’t dead, only _______; as the economy turns around, the purchasing power of the dollar is likely to fall again.
10. The women’s rights movement has been mostly ______ in the Middle East, but it is likely that activists will be newly galvanized by the political upheavals currently sweeping the region.
11. Although one-third of the world’ s population is thought to be infected with tuberculosis, the disease may remain ______ for several years; in many cases, it never becomes active at all.
12. Many people assume that creative work is less _____ than manual labor, but they underestimate the difficulty of being entirely self-motivated (as well as writing one’s own paychecks).
13. The prime minister affected empathy for the impoverished citizenry, but most economic historians believe that her austerity measures, which were unduly _________, further injured them.
14. After people began to make the transition from gathering food to producing food, human societies followed markedly _______ courses; some adopted herding, others took to village, and still others stuck to foraging.
15. In France cultural subsidies are ________: producers of just about any film can get an advance from the government against box-office receipts, even though most such loans are never fully rapid.
16. Though the majority of rules in sports are enumerated in rulebooks, there is _______ code of conduct that relates to sportsmanship.

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