Test 9


Section 1

1. Despite relying on the well-to-do for commissions, the portrait painter was no ________: he depicted the character of those he painted as he perceived it.
2. The children’ s attempt at a Mother’ s Day brunch was __________; soggy French toast, lukewarm coffee, and a syrup fight in the kitchen that would inevitably end up being cleaned up by the very recipient of the brunch.
3. In The Simple Soybean, the author is much less restrained in his enthusiasm for the bean’ s medical efficacy than he is in his technical writings, but he still cautions against treating soy as a ______.
4. Floodwater had already breached the library’ s walls, but hopeful volunteers in hip boots worked tirelessly to _______ the damage.
5. The federal government knows that a certain level of financial stability can be attained by lowering interest rates, yet if it overuses this power, it risks losing its most reliable means of _________ a crisis.
6. At nearly 450 pages, the novel is _______: the author does not often resist the temptation to finish off a chapter, section, or even paragraph with some unnecessary flourish.
7. When Sven got angry, whether it was during an argument with his family or with just a co-worker, it proved almost impossible to ______ him and thereby return him to his normal demeanor.
8. Though chronicling the heroism and sacrifice of the common soldier, Erich Remarque’ s classic novel, All Quiet on the western Front, is profoundly _________ and thus was banned by the Nazis since it implicitly opposed their vision of armed conquest.
9. While traveling to the spa’ s remote location could be hectic, visitors more than made up for the stress by unwinding in a supremely ________ environment.
10. It was her view that the country’ s problems had been ______ by foreign technocrats, so that to ask for such assistance again would be counterproductive.

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