Test 10


Section 1

1. Even the most far-reaching campaign finance reform proposal will fail to _________the influence of money, which does not just buy speedboats and golf weekends in the Bahamas, But directly relates to a politician’ s capacity to run for office.
2. When asked where he had been, the suspect _______ spinning an elaborate story but failing to provide any evidence of his whereabouts.
3. At nearly 450 pages, the novel is _______: the author does not often resist the temptation to finish off a chapter, section, or even paragraph with some unnecessary flourish.
4. Exactly which bird species fell victim first to the deadly virus is the subject of ongoing controversy; what is known, however, is that it took but a slight mutation in the pathogen’ s genetic constitution to render it lethal to ________ of related species.
5. Some historians argue that at least in so far as the broad strokes are concerned, cataclysmic events such as the Great Depression are _______, due to what some have termed “the inertia of history.”
6. When workers are invited to use their own individual ingenuity and imagination to solve problems confronting the company, they get a chance to believe that they are ________ to the company and the company is frequently able to become stronger.
7. Though he wasn’t particularly well-known as a humanitarian, his deep sense of responsibility for those who were suffering was real, and was belied by an outward appearance of _____.
8. Unlike the more genial researchers, who often went out together after work, the ________ Dr. Spicer believed that socializing was nothing was nothing more than a distraction, and thus made few friends at the lab.
9. After 25 years as an emergency room surgeon, his reaction during nearly any emergency could only be described as _________: he would evenly address the paramedics, evaluate the situation, and methodically work through his normal routine.
10. While she still advocated for the wholesale restructuring of society based on principles of equity and sustainability, the radical blogger-turned-essayist had to ___________ the expression of her views in order to appeal to the more middle-of-the-road sensibilities of the publishing market.
11. A professional spy, he always affected a ______ demeanor, but those who disliked him often characterized it as taciturn or brusque.

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