Test 11


Section 1

1. Deacon attempts what seems impossible: a book rich in scientific insights, in a demanding discipline, that nevertheless is accessible to ________.
2. Robert Gottlieb, who otherwise found much to admire in John Steinbeck, argued that Steinbeck was politically _________, offering an adolescent disaffection in place of settled judgement.
3. A field trip was arranged so that this troupe of ________ dancers could observe the real masters of their art.
4. It may be true that everyone likes flattery, but a good manager is not unduly persuaded by it, and thus not taken in by __________, who use wheedling and fawning to get ahead.
5. There is no fundamental difference between a person who quietly _______ a bigoted viewpoint to a friend and one who spews chauvinist vitriol on television.
6. Belief in evolution is based on evidence, otherwise it would be _________.
7. Many Enlightenment philosophers viewed Machiavelli’ s book as a satire meant to expose and caricature the _________ claims to power of the very figures Machiavelli pretended to endorse.
8. In the week that followed the climber’ s disappearance, Internet rumor mongers blogged a myriad of ________ reports of her demise, only to be embarrassed by the release of a dramatic video that showed her celebrating on the summit.
9. The audience was unimpressed with the lecture; despite the speaker’ s dazzling rhetoric and considerable charisma, it was clear that his claims were _____.
10. It is _________ reasoning to characterize Keynesian economics as recommending that the limit on how much debt the government can incur should be perpetually raised, when Keynes states clearly that deficit spending must be done responsibly.
11. By framing the new law as a question of urgent safety rather than of privacy, the government obviated the need to pass through the standard channels of legislation, effectively _______ all formal dissent and relegating any would-be naysayer from a position of engaged activist to that of powerless bystander.
12. Biologists agree that snakes descended from lizards, but exactly where this first happened has been a matter of debate since the 1800s, when two ________ theories emerged.
13. While kidney stones are known to produce a truly _________ sensation, often compared to the agony of childbirth, they are almost never fatal.

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