Test 14


Section 1

1. Though it seems implausible that one could be a great writer without some experience of life, many famous authors have led a _____ and solitary existence.
2. The villager’ s water supply had been ________ by toxic industrial by-products that had seeped into groundwater.
3. The teacher was of a ________ disposition, and frequently lashed out at her students over perceived results.
4. Family photos of the author suggest that she was ______ child: she seemed to wear a permanent frown.
5. The phrase “gilding the lily” is a late 19th century expression that was first coined to describe the ostentatious gestures of some of the newly rich, such as applying gold gilt to the carved lilies on the entrances of their Beaux Arts homes; it still serves as a shorthand for any __________ and showy behavior.
6. The many chapters of the organization decided that a mandatory national ______ would be necessary to reconcile what had become a haphazard and often chaotic set of bylaws and regulations.

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