Test 2


Section 1

1. The world’ s oceans are home to many bizarre and fascinating creatures, but few are more _____ than the octopus, which has three hearts, no bones, and an intelligence level that far exceeds that of other invertebrates.
2. Even though Mariposa loved taking on roles that involved a lot of lines, she was excited to be playing a more ________ character, requiring her to focus more on gesture and expression.
3. Through ________ antics that flouted the conventions of the establishment, the Yippies of the late 1960s impressed themselves into the public consciousness; their behavior culminated in the instigation of riots in Chicago during the Democratic convention in 1968.
4. Technological advances in communication-such as computers and texting- have caused the teaching of cursive writing in school to become so exceptional that, minutes from historic meetings, diaries, and even letters from ancestors will become ___________ to future generations.
5. For scientists concerned about climate change, the recent prevalence of “extreme weather” -hurricanes, droughts, and the like- is an alarming _________ of things to come.
* 6. James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, written in a stream of consciousness style full of convoluted puns and obscure allusions, has a deserved reputation for linguistic _______.
7. Many major websites today have _______ privacy policy: written by lawyers to protect the website that hired them, the language in the document is so abstruse that most consumers could not read it even if they tried to.
8. The music of the ballet and its composer were ________ in the government-run media and the composer was forced to repudiate his work or risk losing his livelihood.


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