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1. The newest romantic comedy was not exactly bad., but simply ________ ; it had laughs, but they were all jokes most audience members had heard before.
2. Torpey’ s study has turned a seemingly _______ topic, the passport, into a fascinating one by making an original contribution to the sociology of the state.
3. The commentator’ s analysis of the recent conflict was anything but _______; he parroted his ideological compatriots, adding nothing new or insightful to the discussion.
4. Britain is attractive to worldwide advertisers because it is ________ market, so there is no need to tailor advertisements for different parts of the country.
5. Because the United States has become a mature, established nation, the _______ nature of Thomas Paine’ s political diatribe is now downplayed by government officials, who would vociferously denounce a contemporary version as seditious.
6. In a strong indication of the way the entire party is ______ the candidate with moderate credentials, the outspokenly conservative former mayor of a major city has promised to raise a substantial amount of money for the candidate’ s campaign.
7. Given her sheltered upbringing and the limited breadth of experience imposed on her by economic circumstance, her work reflected a surprisingly _______ sensibility.
8. The _______ that marks the composer’ s more recent work represents a major departure from the experiments in dissonance represented by her early compositions.
9. Proust proved that the ________ can be the domain of the novel every bit as much as the fantastical can be.
10. The music of the late ‘70s is often described as ________, despite the notable exception of a few innovators in the budding punk and hip-hop scenes.
11. Although it does contain some pioneering ideas, one would hardly characterize the work as __________.
12. At first glance Watkins Park, with its meandering stream and its thicket of greenery, seems _______; however, upon closer inspection one is quickly reminded that the park is in the middle of a major city.
13. The rich and, to some people, strident sound of bagpipes is far cry from the more________ tones of so many other instruments.

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