Test 4


Section 1

The Thin Blue Line, a documentary by Errol Morris, is one of a very few movies that has had a tangible effect on the real world; the film managed to_________ its subject, who had been on death row for a crime that Morris demonstrated that the man did not commit.
The mother ______ her child for stealing money from his sister’ s piggy bank.
The Trinidadian author, V. S Naipaul, won the Nobel Prize for literature in 2001, but is widely ________ by Caribbean’s for his allegedly negative portrayals and views of the Caribbean and its people.
Many people expect documentary filmmakers to be dispassionate and objective, but Michael Moore has a reputation for never missing a chance to _________ against those with whom he disagrees.
Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” was purportedly organized to prove that it was possible to discuss politics humorously but civilly, without ______ those on the other side of the fence.
Despite the blandishments of the real estate con artist, the intended mark remained _______ about the value of the plot for sale, as, on the map, it seemed to border a swamp.

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