Test 5


Section 1

1. Always on the lookout for a shady deal or quick con, she became known and scorned as an _________ opportunist.
2. After World War Two, many were ______ by the contrast between the unprecedented technological progress of the preceding years and inability of human societies to get along with each other.
3. Sandra was entirely ________ by the crossword puzzle that, unlike the simple fill-in-the-blanks published on weekdays, was one of the more difficult cryptic crosswords only published on weekends.
4. After many hours of debate, things seemed to have reached __________, as neither side was willing to give so much as an inch, and no one had anything new to offer.
5. Because the Lewis and Clark expedition through the west was conceived primarily as a mapping project, government officials were ________ by the wealth of information on a myriad of topics that the explorers gathered.
6. Although historically, paints were often tinted with toxic elements such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, _________ number of painters lived to be seventy, eighty and even ninety.
7. Although the compound is abundant in the environment at large, its presence in the air is not ______; only in the form of underwater sediment does it cause damage.
8. Though Hamlet is famous for being _______, he still manages to go on something of a killing spree in Shakespeare’ s play, proving that he is hardly paralyzed with depression.
9. Given that they account for roughly half of America’ s GDP, it would be a mistake to _________ the importance of small businesses.

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