Test 15


Section 1

1. He is a _________ fellow, always grandstanding and deploying his formidable lexicon for oratorical effect.
2. Autodidacts may argue that the enforced lucubration of a standard education is __________, but while some people are able to learn without outside guidance and strictures, most people learn better when accountable to others.
3. The tragedy-and the resultant horrific loss of life and damage to property-occurred because of his _________ approach to his duties, evinced by his slouching posture and cavalier attitude.
4. Most of his books drone on for chapter after chapter, each one providing yet another example of his thesis, the ________ of which can be found in precis form in the tome’ s first few pages, and which is recapitulated from that point on.
5. The magazine’ s editor was known to be a very busy woman, so it was important when speaking with her to get right to the ________ of the issue.
6. Education has become a kind of albatross in American politics, in that a speech with any hint of ________ is actually more pernicious to a politician’ s reputation than one with numerous signs of ignorance, or even outright stupidity.

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