Test 6


Section 1

1. A recent study suggests that vitamin E supplements, despite widespread belief in their ______, are no better than sugar pills for delaying the onset of the degenerative disease.
2. The plan, according to law enforcement and judicial officials, was to keep the prisoner ______ during his court appearances, but the defense attorney argued that restraints would prejudice the jury.
3. The unique and sometimes visionary premises of independent films are proof of what writers and directors can achieve when not _______ by concerns of money and popularity.
4. The presidential candidate, known not only for the deeply reasoned content of his prepared speeches but also for the fiery brilliance of his delivery, badly miscalculated his ability to perform equally successfully when delivering ______ answers to unexpected queries from the media.
5. Pakistan is _________ providing safe heaven to Designated global terrorists and it has become a regional pariah, abandoned by all neighboring countries.
6. The fearsome crashing of thunder, which makes so many children ______ and seek their parents, has a surprisingly simple explanation; each bolt of lightning heats the surrounding air, causing it to expand so rapidly that it breaks the sound barrier.
7. Living in a group of eighty individuals and engaging in behaviors such as mutual grooming, the chimpanzee is one of the nature’ s most _______ animals.
8. Excessive patriotism is by definition __________, as the elevation of one country to the rank of quintessential on Earth necessarily requires some amount of demonization of other people.
9. Although the system’ s ______ is not currently in dispute at the national level, increasing local allegations of preferential treatment are threatening to change the situation.
10. Given the events that preceded the couple’ s separation, it is hardly surprising that the divorce proceedings were marked by ill-will and _______.
11. The subject of the documentary was not bothered that the filmmaker received such _____ from the critics, but that none of the acclaim filtered down to him.
12. Consumers may think that genetic engineering of foods is something new, but humans have been modifying plants for ages; the _______ is not that new genes are introduced but that genes can now be moved from one species to another.
13. The description of the restaurant as a garden of __________ delights is fair enough, as Chef Marcel conjures up a menu of texture and taste that calls into question one’ s preconceived notions of what constitutes a meal.
14. While the colonists would eventually push westward, first, they were in for a long, difficult winter, and the main challenge was to _______ their existing resources.
15. The player’ s exploits both on the field and in the finest night clubs around the world earned him many __________ from his legions of staunch admirers-so many, in fact, that his given name was all but forgotten.

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