Test 7


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1. It is in the best interest of criminal defendants to appear _______ in front of the judge, showing that not all moral sympathy is lost on them.
2. With almost 40 titles to her name, the popular novelist has _______ imagination and is never at a loss for new ideas, though the quality of her works is far from consistent.
3. Mr. Hirsch says he will aim to preserve the foundation’ s support of ______ thinkers, individuals who are going against the trends in a field or an acknowledged set of opinions.
4. It’ s worth wondering whether the increase in diagnosis of psychological disorders has caused us to see certain behaviors that were once considered normal as ________.
5. Writers, particularly those of the contemplative persuasion, have always found the _________ nature of the mind- with its passing thoughts and inconstant moods-difficult to convey in language.
6. If big sums are to be spent on cleaning up environmental disasters, it is better to spend them on unglamorous but ______ problems such as unsanitary water in Third World Countries.
7. The etymologies of the words alpha and omega could n’ t be more different; the former is obscure- the original symbol for alpha was an ox’ s head, and an ox is ‘alp in Phoenician- while the latter is ________, as omega simply means “big O.”
8. Unlike the politician’ s earlier evasions and equivocations, this latest statement is ________ lie.
9. Despite her relaxed and flexible style, Ms. Dela Fressange is ________ businesswoman who knows how to market her brand herself.
10. Although accommodating in person, George Orwell _____ defended his political positions in print.

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