I recall the days as a student, I used to grind away feverishly at the scary long word lists, trying to memorize the meaning of these obscure words, using all kind of self-made mnemonics. It’s a mammoth task to learn GRE words. As a founder of onlinegrecoaching.com we have brought multi-prolonged approach to learn and master GRE words. As you know that learn words in groups is one of the important strategy to learn GRE words and learn words with pictures and mnemonic trick is another important strategy. Remembering the meaning of GRE words is another daunting task. We have brought another important method to learn, remember and master GRE words.

One should ideally have been an avaricious reader and should also have been punctiliously looking up the correct meanings of all the tough words using a dictionary while reading was going on. In practice, this is too convoluted a process and would take away all the joy of reading. Reading a prosaic story containing abstruse words is something that no one wants to do.

We have to offer the learner something mesmerizing enough to read, but also facilitates learning the much feared difficult words. Keeping an international audience in mind, we have brought a collection of around twenty-five fictional and non-fictional stories. These stories are around 1000 words on the average and address the reader in an informal way, but embedded in each of them are around 25 GRE words. These have been printed in bold so that the reader is prompted to make out its exact meaning in context.

Meaning of these words along with pertinent synonyms has been given at the end of each story. Student is supposed to learn the meaning of these words before reading the story and revise the meaning of these words after reading the story. Here we have used a story which provides a link/base for the new words learnt. This way you don’ t study words as isolated entities but as interconnected entities with a base (story) which is easy to recall. This makes retention much longer and easier. By reading vocabulary stories, the candidates can also enrich their writing capabilities which are also tested in GRE writing task.

The fictional and non-fictional stories are in keeping with the latest trends and developments on topics which appeal to the young at heart.

In conclusion, we have brought mesmerizing fictional and non-fictional stories containing GRE words. Complete meaning of these words has been given at the end of each story. A student can enjoy learning these words by reading these interesting fictional and non-fictional stories.


List of stories:

Valorous Journey



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